Five Minutes with Jeffery and Anita

How did Jeffery Prop the question?

“After lots of planning and coordination I told Anita I wanted to take her for a romantic lunch. Before leaving I decorate my fridge with rose petals and then picked her up, she thought it was going to happen during lunch! But alas nothing happened, after lunch on the way to her house I mentioned I needed to collect a few things from home. I popped into the bedroom and asked her to grab a water from the fridge, as she opened the fridge and discovered the heart shaped rose petals I came out of the room with 108 long stemmed red roses.”

If you could describe your wedding in words what would they be?

“Amazing, Incredible and worth every penny.”

What made you select Wanderers?

“We wanted to serve traditional Chinese food and no one else in JHB, Your venue was unmatched in comparison to others we were so happy we selected it.”

What moment gave you goosebumps?

“As I walked down the aisle and saw all of my guests.”

If you could give a future couple some advise what would it be?

“Focus on the marriage celebration, not just the wedding reception. Its about the people celebrating you and your marriage and less about the décor, bridesmaids outfits etc!”

Your last words…

“Marriage is a journey, not a sprint, it will have its ups and downs, but you have to prevail to make marriage work. We could not wait to start our journey.”