How did you propose?

"I really wanted to make her feel special, we started with spa treatments and when Carla got back to her locker I had arranged for a beautiful dress to be inside with a note “Please wear me and Join me for dinner” We had a beautiful isolated dinner, pool side, whereby after trying to control my nerves I asked Carla if she would make me the happiest man and marry me. She said Yes without even looking at the ring first. A definite keeper. We finished our dinner and another surprise awaited whereby a Limo was waiting for us. We were taken to Grand Central Airport whereby I arranged a private sunset helicopter tour over Jhb/Sandton CBD"

If you could select five words that best described your wedding what would it be?

"Fairytale, Intimate, Family, Love, Memorable"

What was the defining moment in your planning process that made it all feel real?

"Finding the perfect venue that ticked all the boxes to make our fairytale wedding a dream come true."

What was your personal stamp on the day that no one else would have had?

"A large retinue consisting of 28 special people to us at the main table. 8 bridesmaids, 8 groomsmen, 2 Flower girls, Bride/Groom, Parents and Godparents"

What made you select the Wanderers?

"A central Jhb based venue that was able to accommodate our 300 guests. A well established and known venue with its magnificent ballroom that complimented our style of wedding. Many family and friends have always had high praise of The Wanderers and being close to our church made the decision very easy."

What was the moment during the wedding that gave you goosebumps?

"Daniel: Seeing my beautiful bride walk down the aisle in her beautiful wedding dress and her loving speech to me.
Carla: Walking into Church and seeing my husband at the end of the alter."

If you could give a piece of advice to another couple what would it be?

"Don’t sweat the big stuff. Don’t leave all the small things to the end as that is what takes up time. Support your partner and know that after the wedding day all the built up stress to get to that day was worth it. Embrace the day, it goes by super quick. Take time to let it all sink in. It’s you and your wife/husband’s special day, make each second count and have a magical time."