Planning a successful year end function

The year is coming to a close once again and the holidays are almost here. The end of year is the best time, maybe not for businesses but for their employees and families. It’s a time to celebrate the hard work and dedication that has been put in throughout the year.

There is lots of festivity in the air nearing the end of the year with lots of excitement as people anticipate and plan the holiday coming up. Your employees work hard and to show your appreciation, planning an awesome year end party is important. It allows employees to loosen up and have a good time so that they are refreshed and motivated for the New Year coming up, it also helps end the year on a positive note.

Planning and organization is very important in any situation, when it comes to organizing your end of year party lots of preparation needs to take place and planning ahead can make a big difference. Last minute changes and additions can be a headache and its best to avoid that situation especially if you are planning a year end function for a big company.

SilvaSale can help you organize and execute an end of year party that will leave your guests buzzing and talking about it till the next one. The bigger the company, the longer and more complex the planning process can be. SilvaSale understands how vital an end of year party can be to instill positivity and drive into your employees for the year coming up; our experience in event organization will ensure your end of year party vision is realized.

Staff and Guest lists will need to be organized and managed. Ensuring you have planned for vegetarians, VIP guests, children if there will be and any other guests that will be attending is a start. SilvaSale will make sure you have checked every angle and that you as the organizer have an easier job setting up the end of year party and making it a memorable one.

Another point is making sure staff and colleagues are able to get to the venue, so transport must be organized so as to make sure no one is left out.

Themes and entertainment need to planned and budgeted for. Are you planning to have a themed end of year party? What Décor and entertainment will be needed to complete your theme? And which venue will best suit your guests and the theme selected? All these questions and more can be planned and answered by SilvaSale’s team who with their experience will make your visions a reality.

If you looking to have a guest speaker or a little awards ceremony, SilvaSale can provide a stage and all the necessary audio visual equipment to conduct a presentation and host some fun awards for your staff. Let your staff relax and enjoy themselves, dance floors and Dj’s to spice the party up are also an option and can be organised.

Food, alcohol and beverages. Every party needs to have food and drink. SilvaSale’s passion for food will be your guest’s utopia for the evening. Great food and drinks need to be included in your budget, if your theme requires special foods or certain food set ups then please don’t hesitate to enquire with SilvaSale. SilvaSale’s catering department takes pride in their food and strives to provide you with only the freshest and tastiest food around.

As the saying goes “You have tried the rest, now try the best”, that is the motto and mindset SilvaSale carries into their catering and food presentation.

Need Inspiration? SilvaSale deals with many different events and has great amounts of experience when it comes to making sure clients requirements are not only met but exceeded. Enquire and have a sit down with one of SilvaSale’s team members to let them help you get some inspiration and direction moving forward with your planning.

If you have any special requirements or ideas that are out of the box, contact SilvaSale and let us bring your idea to reality.