Banqueting with SilvaSale Wanderers

SilvaSale Wanderers

Celebrating something? Or honoring somebody? Whatever the occasion is, SilvaSale will provide you with the freshest and tastiest food accompanied by superior management that gets the job done and ensures your banquet is a success.

SilvaSale understands the importance of your banqueting requirements being planned and managed effectively to provide your guests with the best culinary experience possible.

Your “what to expect” list will be featured in this article, as a promise as to the standard and level at which SilvaSale plans to manage your banquet.

What to expect when banqueting with SilvaSale Wanderers

  • Budget management

SilvaSale Wanderers provides wholesome management for your banquet. We build and customize your banquet so that all your criteria is taken into consideration and still fits within your stated budget, every banquet is unique and SilvaSale Wanderers plans to make sure every client is provided with their own unique experience. Making sure no essential elements are overlooked and that you get the best for your budget, SilvaSale Wanderers banquet planners will make sure your plan is perfect and creates the vision you have as a client.

  • Venue management

A suitable venue is important and can affect the outcome of the banquet greatly. Let SilvaSale Wanderers provide you with the right venue so that all your guests are comfortable and can feast and drink happily. Let our experienced banquet planners at SilvaSale ensure you have the right venue matched up to your occasion, and help you plan and execute your banquet from start to finish.

  • Help with Theme

At SilvaSale Wanderers we have an experienced team, helping clients make their visions a reality. Planning the décor from simple tables and chairs to getting the right colours and ornaments to suit the theme is important to creating an unforgettable banquet.

Different occasions need different décor and care when it comes to the presentation of the banquet, which ultimately determines how you want your guests to feel while they enjoy their food and banqueting experience. Making sure everything works well together, from the type of menu/food you match up with the occasion can be a delicate plan and SilvaSale’s experience will make the difference.

Enquire with us today and let us help you set up a banquet that takes into consideration all the different important factors.

  • Management/Service and Professionalism

In conjunction with ensuring your criteria and budget for the event is taken into consideration and used as a basis when planning and customizing your banquet. Coordinators are always onsite to help relieve stressful situations and ensure smooth operations take place.

Coordinators are experienced and are there to help, so if you are finding yourself in any kind of stressful situation please don’t hesitate to make it one of the managers business to help and relieve the situation as soon as possible.

  • Food and beverages

Banqueting is all about sharing and enjoying an exquisite feast with your fellow colleagues, friends or family. SilvaSale Wanderers is passionate about providing only the best and freshest food, guests can expect delectable menus and beverages to ensure your guests are left with a full stomach and a smile on their face. Here is a link to our menu’s SilvaSale Menus.

If you are planning something that’s different and is not a standard menu, enquire with SilvaSale Wanderers and see your full options and how we can help make your banqueting experience an unforgettable one.

SilvaSale takes great pride in their staff and ensures they are all adequately trained on-site. Chefs and management are qualified trainers or interns with the International Hotel School. If you have any comments or suggestions feel free to comment below.

Any queries or general information, please have a look at our website SilvaSale Wanderers

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