Conference at The SilvaSale Wanderers Club

1. Location

A great location means the facility can be easily found and accessed firstly.

Centralization is dependent on where your company is located, The Wanderers Club is situated near the Heart of Sandton and is very central to both the South and North of Johannesburg. The Wanderers Club Is on a main road and is easily visible and accessible to the public. Guests will find the facilities very easily and the Protea Hotel stands right beside the club which is another great landmark to look out for.

2. Venues and Facility

The Wanderers facility has a lot of rich history as it has been here since the gold rush days in the late 1800’s.

The Facility has over 12 venues which serve different occasions and are great for all events and conferences. From small to large venues, Silva Sale hosts many different events at The Wanderers Club and can cater for conferences, product launches, corporate ceremonies and many other events. The SilvaSale Wanderers treats all their clients with the same professionalism and care, whether it’s a small conference or a major event with many facets to take care of. Be sure to expect top class service with state of the art conferencing facilities to ensure your conference is a successful one.

The SilvaSale Wanders Club is well equipped, providing the necessary equipment and service’s to leave the client with a unique and pleasant experience . The Club also provides free wi-fi and the facilities cater to the disabled, ensuring everyone can enjoy their experience.

3. SilvaSale

Silva Sale is experienced and proud of their staff. Their expertise serves as the foundation to successful conferences and events. Being event planners The SilvaSale Wanderers provides excellent service in helping clients set up and plan their events, making sure everything goes to plan by having a coordinator onsite to help and serve as needed, truly delivering a high standard of service.

Need someone to help you plan the event? The SilvaSale Wanderers is happy to help you plan and set up budgets for your conference or event. Custom packages can be drawn up to ensure you get the right venue, equipment and catering services that fit within your budget.

SilvaSale also provides packages and specials that customers and potential customers should keep an eye on. Take advantage of SilvaSale’s great specials today (SilvaSale’s Packages and specials)

4. Vibe and Aesthetic Appeal

The Wanderers Club has a very positive vibe about the place, lots of activity takes place and you will see visitors ranging from the very young to the very old. A large amounts of sporting activities take place every day, so the venue is very active literally; with many members making use of the bar and restaurant facilities as well.

The Wanderers Club is an up class venue that has a licensed bar and restaurant on the premises, providing top class food and beverages that clients and members can take advantage of. The club provides services and recreational activities for many different clientele like sports fans, restaurant goers, sport doers and all corporate events, weddings and banquets etc.

Providing a unique experience for customers with a relaxing feel, guests can enjoy a walk through the green gardens and enjoy the view on different decks that the facility has to offer. Staff are friendly and are always there to help; making sure clients are well taken care of and enjoy the facility to the utmost.

5. Parking and Security

Parking and security is always an important factor when it comes to booking a conference venue. You need something safe and that won’t cost your guests a fortune to park there for the duration of the conference.

The Wanderers Club has large parking capacity and provides free parking for members and visitors to the club. Because of the large amounts of traffic coming in and out of the wanderers club, the parking is in abundance with great security who are always present and making sure no problems occur.