Silva Sale and Conferencing

Silva Sale essentially is an events company. With a great passion for food and events management they have been in charge of running all catering, events, restaurant and conferencing areas of The Wanderers club. Being in such a great location, The Wanderers Club enjoys being in close proximity to Sandton City and other major shopping centers. The Wanderers Golf club and Stadium is also very close by, with lots of buses and easy accessibility it’s a great choice when picking your conference facility.

Silva Sales success with conferencing lies with good event management skills and great additions to the conferences. Making great food for guests, having a skilled coordinator on site with friendly helpful staff, Silva Sale Wanderers Club ensures each of their clients gets the best quality service and conferencing experience possible and within their budget.

Need help planning your events? (Click Here ) Silva Sale can help you organize everything from decor, food and equipment and necessary other services you will need to conduct your conference. Silva Sale tailor’s their services to clients to ensure they get the most out of their budget’s, and give suggestions that can greatly improve or meet your requirements for the conference.

The venues at The Wanderers Club are also state of the art and are equipped to hold large and small conferences with all necessary equipment and extras to make your conference a success. Holding from 20 people for an intimate product launch to a 800 seater big corporate conference with a stage, mic and the full set up.
When I look at what makes good conferencing the main points that stick out to me are Location, Equipment inside the venues, Parking and security, Food and environment.

The Wanderers Club is also very well equipped to hold different types of conferences and events such as banquets, cocktail parties, product launches and more. All necessary audio visual equipment will be available on site, to ensure the user can present or can conduct the conference effectively.

The parking at The Wanderers club is free and very secure. You need a ticket to go in and out and security is always there to assist you and ensure your car is there after the conference. The parking available is in abundance, with the venues being able to take up to 800 people, the parking lot has the capacity for all the cars coming in and out The Wanderers Club.

Silva Sales passion for food makes each conference that much more memorable. Tasty selections of food that take into account diet options such as vegetarian, Halall and Kosher dishes are available to you for your conferencing experience. Guests will be pleased and relaxed during their time at the conference.

The environment of The Wanderers Club is very relaxing and although it’s in the middle of busy roads with lots of action, the gardens and ambiance in the vicinity is unmatched. Lots of sporting action going on, a bar and restaurant are serving cold drinks while people enjoy a tasty meal at the restaurant. The venues are well decorated and looked after so that you are comfortable and enjoy your experience with Silva Sale and The Wanderers Club.
Silva Sale wants to ensure their customers have the best experience possible when conferencing at The Wanderers Club. Staff will always there to help and Co-ordinate the event, making sure your equipment is set up and that guests are happy and know what’s going on. Welcoming and directing guests when they enter the club. Depending on how many guests attend the conference, will depend on how many staff members will be helping and coordinating your conference.

Specials and extra offerings:

Silva Sale hosts Specials most of the time, giving you good deals on conferencing packages. Visit this link to see the latest specials and offers out. (Latest Specials). The Wanderers club is also well equipped for conferencing as Wi-Fi , beverage services are available to the clients guests and client itself.

Come join Silva Sale at The Wanderers Club for a memorable conference and great culinary experience.