The splendor of color, multiple dresses and true love…that is what we saw in this couple. They simply could not wait to see each other and take their vows in not one but two ceremonies!

If you could describe your wedding in words what would they be?

"Surreal, Magical, Beautiful, Breath-Taking, Romantic."

What was the defining moment in your planning process that made it all feel real?

"During my final makeup and hair trail, the make-up artist attached the veil to my hair to check the final look. Once I turned to the mirror, I remember feeling really overwhelmed with emotion because I finally felt (and looked) like a bride. My mother, sister and best friend were with me and I think we were all looking at each other thinking the same thing."

What was your personal stamp on the day that no-one else would have had?

"We didn’t have a specific personal stamp that stood out, we had a few. We had water bottles with our personal labels on, thanking everyone for being there. I walked down the aisle to a Linkin Park song as both Rajiv. Lastly at the reception, we didn’t have a traditional seating list. We printed each person’s name and attached it to a chocolate with the person’s table number."

What made you select the Wanderers?

"My parents have been members of Wanderers for a few years, so we know that the Wanderers and the staff are efficient and very service-oriented. The decor at Wanderers was also flexible enough to work with any colour scheme/theme we chose. The food has always been great so we knew our guests would enjoy their food – the venue designed and catered for a complete vegetarian meal for our Reception which was absolutely delicious!"

What was the moment during the wedding that gave you goose bumps?

"A central Jhb based venue that was able to accommodate our 300 guests. A well established and known venue with its magnificent ballroom that complimented our style of wedding. Many family and friends have always had high praise of The Wanderers and being close to our church made the decision very easy."

What was the moment during the wedding that gave you goosebumps?

"The moment I walked to the top of the aisle and saw him waiting for me under the Pavilion! It was my best moment of the wedding and I couldn’t stop smiling!"

If you could give a piece of advice to another couple what would it be?

"Make sure you delegate responsibilities to friends/family or even a wedding planner (having a wedding planner was probably the best money I spent) for the actual day. As a bride, it is very difficult to let go of the day you’ve been planning for months and months but you have so that you can enjoy the day without all the extra stress. Lastly, savour every minute because you feel as if the day starts, you blink and then it’s over."